Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Yankee Diary in Japan

Tonko at the blog ThistlyRoom from Japan has been keeping up with the Yankee Diary BOM. I just came across her blog and was thrilled to see her interest in American series patterns.

Block 1
Tulip & Liberty

I can read only a few words on her blog---those in English. She also goes by the name Mixed T.

She is quite an embroiderer. Over on the right on the blog you can see an index to her stitching projects. She's done several of Barb & Alma's Blackbird Designs pieces.

Block 2
Susan B's Star

  Block 3
Double Ties

Block 4
Right Makes Might

Since I cannot read much there I cannot tell you what size her blocks are.

UPDATE: Jun commented:
"She treats inches as centimeters to make blocks. For example, she makes 5 inch block as 5cm block. Which means she makes a 5 inch block less than 2 inches.
and she is sewing all by hand. I did some of your past projects with her, I am always amazed by her work."

Block 4
Union Basket

Look at this one in relation to the alphabet print
and the red and white stripe.

Block 6
Heart & Hand

Block 7
Valentine for Noah Clarke's Brother


Do look at her blog and all her amazing work.


Quilting Babcia said...

Barbara, did you try the Translate button at the top right of her blog? The translation is iffy at best but as you read more it begins to make sense. Very beautiful work she creates!

Barbara Brackman said...

I didn't see the translate button although I looked for it. I'll try again

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is so beautiful and thank you for sharing with us. I love when other countries participate in a heritage project. Her work is just fabulous and I did visit. I found the translation button, though it is a bit broken it is still understandable.

Suzanne A said...

Beautiful blocks with a special color sensibility. Barbara, in my Chrome browser when I bring up the Japanese blog, a box pops up in the upper right hand corner that asks if you want the text translated and if you don't catch it within seconds it disappears. When that happens, use your back button to exist the Japanese page and then button forward to return, and the pop up will reappear and this time you can be ready for it and click.

The translation is very literal and often nonsensical, but I did notice in one of her posts that for Yankee Diary, she converted 9 inches into 9 centimeters. That would explain the tiny sizing.

I would imagine she reads English and will be thrilled to hear from you.

じゅん said...

Tonko is one of my quilt friends.
She treats inches as centimenters it to make blocks.
For example, she makes 5 inch block as 5cm block.
Which means she makes a 5 inch block less than 2 inches.
and she is sewing all by hand.
I did some of your past projects with her, I am always amazed by her work.

Barbara Brackman said...

Thank you. Tonko is amazing!

Sok Sareth said...

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